R-Pharm takes actions against COVID-19 proliferation

March 24

Considering COVID-19 pandemic, R-Pharm Group has taken the following measures to achieve better health protection of R-Pharm employees and uninterrupted operation of all divisions:

•      25% of staff members have been transferred to a remote work at home and have all the necessary technical equipment for effective execution of their duties. The company’s IT-infrastructure allows the staff to stay constantly in touch, hold meetings via tele- and videoconference.

•    A special Hotline is operating, that the employees can use in case of difficulties with organization of remote working process or if they need help in period of self-isolation.

•      Improved hygienic measures have been implemented and rules of behavior have been communicated to all the employees. Thus, both R-Pharm offices and production sites are sanitized on a daily basis, the employees’ temperatures are measured and on site therapists are assigned.

•      All business trips within the Russian Federation and abroad as well as external visits have been cancelled.

•      Both internal and external meetings and events have been postponed for the future.

•      Employees who have recently been in affected regions or direct contact with infected persons are put into quarantine.

All above mentioned actions have been defined by the R-Pharm management team and are meant to avoid any risk that may seriously jeopardize business performance over time, including but not limited to production, distribution and supply of the medicines for patients in Russia. All R-Pharm Group facilities operate normally and their staff continue duties in the normal way.

The applied measures are based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and Working Group of the State Council for COVID-19 Proliferation Counteractions.

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