Disclosure of information on value transmission

Disclosure of data on value transmission in favor of healthcare professionals and organizations.

Since 2016, as a member of Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM), “R-pharm” has taken on the obligation to publish the data on payments and other values transferred in favor of healthcare professionals and organizations on the websites. 

 The requirement of a compulsive disclosure of information regarding all the payments made within the framework of interaction between the pharm industry and the medical community has found its way into the USA legislation as well as in the laws of some European countries like France, Greece, Portugal and Estonia. Reaffirming the commitment to high ethical standards R-Pharm group totally shares this position as the member of AIPM since 2013 and publishes the appropriate data on its website.

We are convinced that the application of this practice will enhance accountability, as well as cross liability between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community and serve the interests of patients and foster the growth of mutual confidence of society.

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