Educational Projects

Russian pharmaceutical industry is entering a new phase. It is expected in R-Pharm that Russian manufacturing sites will soon provide competition for the factories of Europe, Asia, and North America. Therefore the time has come to join the efforts of pharmaceutical manufacturers and educational establishments training specialists of the future.

Today it is crucially important to find a systematic approach to training and it is better to start from school-days. This is precisely why in R-Pharm, a particular attention is paid to career guidance: current staff members conduct meetings with schoolchildren, take part in the work of education camps, and organize excursions to plants.

R-Pharm strongly supports the largest educational projects. Among them:

• The All-Russian Student Pharmaceutical Competition;

• Chemical Olympic Games;

• The All-Russian scientific conference of students and post-graduates "Young pharmacy is a potential of the future";

• The Pharmaceutical innovation camp «Eagle owl»;

• Pharmtech Tutor;

• The All-Russian scientific conference of schoolchildren "Discovery";

• The All-Russian Science Festival;

• The All-Russian Forum "Future Intellectual Leaders of Russia".


The company takes part in providing educational establishments with modern training equipment, organizes practices and internships, and helps develop educational standards in a number of vocation-related subjects.

All these projects are primarily intended to develop a scientific and educational potential and awareness of the youth on the prospects of the industry.

Scholarship project

Scholarship project is our contribution to the future. The project has been developed for over seven years and has in fact proved effective in creating motivation of student’s towards self-development and broadening their knowledge.

During the implementation of the scholarship project, 22 universities and 2 colleges from 16 cities of Russia were involved. More than 3,000 people took part in the competitive selection, among them, 506 students and 45 employees received scholarships from the company, 200 people did a practical training at the manufacturing site.

At year-end 2016, the project budget amounted to 67.8 million rubles.

The most talented and promising participants in the scholarship programme became members of the company staff after completing their higher education.

 R-Pharm intends to expand the implementation areas of the scholarship project. In the near future, students from Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, and Belarus will be able to participate in the project.



Since November 2013, R-Pharm has been running a pilot educational project "Farmstart". The project is aimed at talented high school students interested in in-depth study of natural science subjects, professional education and future work in the innovative sector of the pharmaceutical industry.

Competition modules involve a great diversity of participation formats, so students can approve themselves in both team and individual competitions.

Today, Pharmstand is a regional pharmaceutical olympiad, a festival for younger schoolchildren "Bright chemistry", an educational game "Intelligence gene", vocational sessions in seasonal children's camps, a regional tournament among educational establishments and students, educational tours, scientific conferences and forums, vocational guidance classes and a lot more.

The project is constantly expanding. In September 2017, the project will open a pharmaceutical class.

The three years budget amounted to 2.7 million rubles.

Pharmaceutical School

In 2016, as part of the Pharmstart project, the group of companies R-Pharm in cooperation with the Yaroslavl College of Chemical Technology decided to launch the pilot program "Pharmaceutical School". This project is distinguished by an exclusive elective component that includes the basics of microbiology and analytical industrial ecology and biotechnology, pharmaceutical science and GMP.

The implementation of the project on the basis of networking cooperation will enable the consolidation efforts of science, business and education and attract leading teachers, scientists and future employers to the educational process. The organizers expect that the integration of resources necessary for identity formation and personal fulfilment of the youth will ensure the introduction of practice-oriented methods, innovative vocational guidance instruments and ideas of modern education development.

Innovation camp "FILIN"

For five years R-Pharm has been supporting a week-long educational program for students of pharmaceutical and chemical-engineering universities of Russia and neighbouring foreign countries. The Pharmaceutical international innovation camp "FILIN" provides future graduates with an opportunity to learn from leading experts and industry leaders. Together they look for answers to the questions related to the drug production and circulation, research and the fundamental and applied research results implementation into domestic manufacture.

As part of the project, the company staff conduct lectures, seminars, master classes and training, organize excursions to their modern plant manufacturing finished dosage form.


Forum "Future intellectual leaders of Russia. Field of Talents »

The forum was held for the fourth time in Yaroslavl in 2016. 500 schoolchildren, 200 teachers and mentors from 85 regions, 177 cities, 36 villages and countrysides of Russia took part in it.

With the support of R-Pharm, the future intellectual leaders solved the problems of determining a total amount of antioxidant activity in food products by coulometric titration method, chemical methods for analysis of micronutrients, the manufacture of soft dosage forms, imports phase-out for hepatitis C, quality control and analysis of water purity, etc.

10 children were granted a trip to the camp «Session» for the summer vocational chemical-pharmaceutical session.

Dual education

In 2013, Yaroslavl Oblast became one of the five regions of Russia that won the competition to implement a project for vocational training based on dual education, initiated by the Strategic Initiative Agency.

The introduction of a dual educational system, which has been globally recognized and aims at simultaneous teaching theoretical and practical courses, allows the level of personnel training to meet demands of economic sectors and employers, strengthens the links between the teaching and learning process and real production, increases the students’ motivation and to popularize working specialties. As a result, students get the work experience they need, and enterprises are provided with qualified staff.

The students from the Yaroslavl Industrial and Economic College, whose majors were "Biochemical production and Analytical quality control of chemical compounds», took part in the pilot project in the pharmaceutical field. Specialists from R-Pharm participated in the development of different methods and programs, which provide about 2000 hours of practice on the territory of existing manufacture.

In September 2016, it was decided to prolong the dual education program, the training modules were redeveloped to meet the requirements of the Research and Manufacturing Complex of active pharmaceutical ingredients development and production "Farmoslavl" which is being constructed in Rostov.

Today, 34 students more are trained in the field of "Biochemical production", and "Analytical quality control of chemical compounds."

The dual training program has become a part of the systematic approach of R-Pharm educational programs and is used in both secondary and higher education. Master’s program in engineering of pharmaceutical production is implemented in Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky.