Career opportunities

Pharm industry is a specific segment of labor market. Each staff member of an enterprise in this industry works for the sole purpose of manufacturing a high quality product. That is why the highest requirements are set regarding personnel training.

Management of an advanced high-tech production facility means not just filling vacancies. It also refers to provision with personnel of the highest qualification. On one hand, these are employees with the vast experience of work at the plants of Russia, Europe and the USA. On the other hand, young professionals, graduates of higher educational institutions and colleges. The main criterion of selection is high-quality basic education and strong motivation for self-development.

The most important thing is a systemic approach to problem solution. Thus far we have accumulated extensive experience of participation in field-specific and educational projects. It may safely be said that the pharm industry in Russia is transitioning to a new stage. Very soon manufacturing facilities of the country will provide competition to the plants in Europe, Asia and North America. This means that in the long view pharmaceutical manufacturers and educational institutions have to create conditions for better personnel training from an early age.

We place special emphasis on the field-specific jobs. R-Pharm staff members meet with school children on the regular basis, participate in the activities of educational children camps and organize excursions to the production facilities. Since its foundation the company has been supporting the largest educational projects on the regional and federal levels. Among them there are such projects as the All-Russian pharm Olympiad for students, pharm camp of innovations “PHILIN”, «Pharmtech Tutor», All-Russian scientific conference for schoolchildren “Discovery”, All-Russian festival of science and All-Russian forum “Future Intellectual Leaders of Russia”. The company participates in equipping educational institutions with the advanced training equipment, it organizes practical trainings and internships. All the projects that we carry out are aimed at the development of research and educational potential and informing the youth about the prospects of the industry.