R-Pharm group is a Russian high-tech pharmaceutical company.

The workforce of the company consists of more than 3600 highly qualified experts. R-Pharm functions in Russia, CIS and many other countries. The company has more than 70 branches and representative offices. The key areas of its activities are as follows: production of finished dosage forms, active pharmaceutical ingredients of chemical nature and biotechnological substances, research and development of innovative products and technologies, introduction of advanced medicinal products to the market, as well as education and training of specialists for the pharm industry and healthcare.

At present the company has functional manufacturing facilities in Yaroslavl, specifically a plant for the production of finished dosage forms and a full-cycle plant for manufacturing of MAb-based drugs. Construction of the research and API synthesis manufacturing complex is now under construction (Rostov, Yaroslavl region). The structure of the company also includes functional manufacturing facilities in Novosibirsk (OAO “Novosibchimpharm”), in Kostroma region (AO “ORTAT”) and a pilot production plant in Moscow region.

R-Pharm manufacturing complexes were designed in compliance with the latest GMP requirements; activities required for qualification and validation of rooms, equipment, clean media, production processes were carried out. For the time of the plant operation audits have been performed by the following leading global drug manufacturers: Astellas, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Johnson& Johnson, Pfizer, Merck and many others. The key feature of the full cycle biopharmaceutical manufacturing is FlexFactory platform developed by the division of GE Healthcare Life Sciences. The plant is unrivaled throughout Russia.

The company has established on-site research base. Research and development activities are conducted in cooperation with the leading Russian and foreign research institutions. R-Pharm supports research and development projects and material and technical base of partner higher educational institutions.

The company’s portfolio is represented by medicinal products of various pharmaceutical groups, used in hospital and special care, including those applied in oncology, hematology, cardiology, immunology as well as antibacterial, anti-viral preparations and products used in organ transplantation, in the treatment of disseminated sclerosis and diabetes.

The company concluded contracts with the Ministry of Trade of the Russian Federation on development and production management of a number of medicinal products under the state program “Development of the pharm and medical industry of the Russian Federation until 2020 and beyond”. Technology transfer and production management of foreign-patented essentially significant medicinal preparations is successfully conducted in collaboration with the largest international pharm companies in full compliance with the federal program “Pharm 2020”. Besides, the company produces highly efficient in-house medications.

Development and production technologies meet the highest global standards. Highly efficient innovative drugs of new generation are developed based on new technologies. The activities aimed at technology transfer and production localization are carried out under the licensed agreements with the leading global pharm companies. R-Pharm delivers partnership projects in the field of R&D and production of innovative drugs in Russia in collaboration with the largest pharm companies of the USA, Switzerland, Germany, France, Japan, India and China.

The special emphasis is placed on training of highly skilled research and production personnel. R-Pharm conducts training programs for the talented Russian students and young scientists. For several years the company has been preparing project “Scholarship for the development of the pharm cluster”. Its purpose is development of the workforce capacity of the industry and the region and rendering support to the gifted students and young specialists. At present more than 300 scholarship holders from 19 higher educational institutions of 9 Russian cities participate in the program. Apart from the scholarships, the talented students and young scientists have the opportunity to complete internships at the enterprises of the company. A pilot project on dual education was launched following the results of the competitive selection held by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in 2013. Yaroslavl region is in the list of five regions where project “Manpower training based on dual education in compliance with the requirements of high technology industries” is to be carried out in 2014-2016. Since September 1st, 2014, the students of Yaroslavl College of Industry and Economics, who study biochemical production and analytical quality control of chemical compounds, have undertaken professional internship in actual operating conditions at the enterprises of R-Pharm group. This gives them the opportunity to develop a better understanding of technology process, global practice and standards, to acquire necessary skills of operating the advanced equipment and get a better idea of their future profession.

The company also carries out early career-guidance educational project called “Pharmstart”. This project is intended for senior schoolchildren who are focused on deep study of natural science subjects, obtaining industry specific education and further working in the innovative pharm industry. Currently, more than 20 schools of Yaroslavl region take part in this project; more than 500 participants are involved in the activities.

The company is engaged in charity work aimed at supporting socially disadvantaged people: it renders targeted aid providing medicinal drugs and medical equipment to prevention and treatment facilities.

Charity and public activities are aimed both at prevention and treatment of socially significant diseases and promotion of healthy life style.